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For a first-time meeting, I always meet and greet my visitor in a public place for either a Drinks Date or a short meet/greet in a discreet but public location. Please know that this is ABSOLUTELY required if you wish to receive a gift basket. If other arrangements are absolutely necessary, please feel free to enquire on a workaround.

(In NYC, I am located in a charming suite with fresh flowers, candles, and a cozy, inviting ambiance).

In Florida, my location is a discreet, private, peaceful and beautifully decorated beach retreat with water views. My abode is romantic, flower-filled, candlelit and you will have the feeling you are truly away from it all. It is strictly “non smoking” and you will be received graciously. If I am visiting your City, then my incall location will be a comfortable boutique hotel where we can hide away together.

I also am happy to visit your location in South Florida, so long as it is an upscale hotel or residence. Typically I enjoy meeting for a short meet and greet drink in public prior to any first time meeting at your location. I realize the need for discretion and so I am amenable to handling this in the best way possible to make both of us comfortable.

Please note: with regard to the “meet and greet” aspect of our first appointment: if you need ‘special handling,’ i.e. super discretion, we can certainly discuss a way to meet “by chance” or in the most discreet manner possible, i.e. happening by on a walk on the beach, in an unlikely location, the lobby of your hotel, out shopping, etc. Please let me know your specific needs and ideas.

My Gift Baskets Begin at $600. Won’t you please let me know when you contact me what type of appointment most appeals to you?

Palm Beach Locations (see below for other S. Florida locations), NYC, and Chicago, Other Cities

“Innocent Intro” – a 1-Hour Drinks Date (and can usually be followed by one of the Appointments below if desired)= $150-200 depending on location – this is a platonic drinks/snacks if you would like to get to know me prior to booking an appointment.

1.5 Hour Basket Incall Intro @ My Place (includes 1 Hour of Private Time + 1st time additional 1/2 hour “Meet and Greet”  – drinks either in a public place or a short “meet/greet” in discreet place) $600 for one hour; $700 1.5 hours of private time; $800 2 hours private time

Outcall Intro @ Your Place (includes 1 Hour of Private Time + 1st time 1/2 hour “Meet and Greet”): Outcall -$700 for a Leisurely One Hour; $800 for 1.5 Hour and $900 for Two Hours (add surcharge for areas outside Palm Beach – please see below)

Please note: after our first meeting, the “meet and greet” portion is no longer required.

“Old Friends,” 1 Hour Incall Visits (after first time visit; having become old friends) – $500/Hr * $600/1.5 Hours * $700/2 Hours

3-4 Hour Lunch or Dinner Date including 1.5 Hour Private Time – $1100

5-6 Hour Lunch/Dinner and (Special Event/Excursion, i.e. Cinema, Play, Sports) and including 1.5 Hour Private time – $1600

8- Hour (Dinner and Overnight) or (Breakfast and All Day) – My Place or Yours – $2500; Old Friends – $2300.

24- Hours Special Day – $3500; Multiple Travel Days – $3000 each additional

Boca Raton, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, North of Palm Beach, and So On…

Please add a $200 upcharge to any appointment to cover my extra travel time getting to and from you from Palm Beach, and any transport costs (Uber, etc.), thank you.


Please enquire about beautiful options if you would like to bring me to you on your schedule…or, uh…on mine – whatever’s clever! Please use my Love Offerings above as a general guideline and please send me your proposal along with your screening information.


*Negotiating: I am not amenable to negotiations (except in an upwardly direction) and in fact it may result in a sudden and very long silence or physical absence. 🙂

*Tipping and Gifts: Tipping is absolutely not necessary. Occasionally, someone may enquire as to cherished gifts. I love anything pretty, floral, feminine, European, perfumed etc. I do love a good candle (Cire Trudon’s Abd el Kader is a favorite), perfume (Hermès “Jardin sur le Toit” or Jo Malone florals/citrus, Roger & Gallet floral soaps or scents or Carthusia’s Eau de Parfum in Mediterraneo…or I truly appreciate the more practical: gift cards for Sephora ( and/or local med spas such as Anushka ( or “The Writer’s Store” e-gift certificates always most appreciated! I adore lingerie and size is: 34B (85B) bra, Small panty/garter.