Meet Lilisse

How to Meet Me

Here is my Current Schedule of availability:

Chicago February 15

Palm Beach: February 18 Onward – Please enquire!

NYC: To be Announced – March 2018 

…Or anytime, anywhere by your Special Invitation

Please Visit This Page Again or Contact Me for City/Schedule Updates


1. Please leave a voice mail on my system below properly introducing yourself.


2. Please send a personalized email-introducing yourself.

Leaving a Voice Mail Introduction is Absolutely Necessary. I most likely will not call you back without it!
 Please call my Voice Mail system (in the box here; or at area code five six one eight six zero eight five zero six) and leave me a detailed message introducing yourself.

*Please leave me detailed instructions in the message or the accompanying email on when/where/how you prefer me to get back to you and I will follow those instructions carefully.

*After you have introduced yourself to my voice mail and I would like to go further, we can certainly communicate by email and set up a short phone conversation for me to get to know you better and/or to make arrangements.

lilpalmhushmail*Please note that I do not engage in texting at any time nor can I receive texts on the phone number here.

* When I call you back, I may be calling from a blocked-out number.

*If you haven’t left detailed call/contact back instructions but indicate that it is OK to call, I will call you back at a reasonable hour of the day (usually morning between 10am-12pm) and announce myself as Lil from the Gift Basket returning your call.

I look forward to your introduction by email AND phone!

I give a very high priority to the straightforward gent who leaves me a good phone introduction AND makes a nice introduction of himself by email. There is no need to write me a novel, but some basic details about you, your life, your home city, professional life/pursuits or previous work (if retired), or things you enjoy doing, hobbies. Please don’t forget your preferences for date/time/place/appointment selection.

Return of Your Messages: I endeavor always to get back to you ASAP if I am interested and/or you are only in town a short time. If I am not interested in going further, I will NOT return your email OR your call. Please note that my system will send you back an “autoresponse” message to confirm receipt of the email, and this message references gift baskets.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have NOT bothered to take the time to include my first name in the salutation or your email reads like an “SMS” or “Text Message” i.e. “Hi, you around tonight?” please do not expect an answer back.

Please trust that if I don’t pursue a meeting it is because I don’t feel our chemistry would be sufficient for me to entertain you properly. If this happens then please be assured that you have avoided disappointment.


No “Review” Policy: I do not appreciate reviews or chatting/forum entries either good or bad being written about me and posted online without my permission.

No “Referencing” Policy: I do not ask for references given that I always meet first-time visitors in person in public for a drinks date or other form of introduction first. I simply do not believe in relying on the “vouching” of other companions to ensure my safety or the chemistry I will have with you. Please also note: Because I do not ask for references, I also do not provide references (apart from “Ok’s” on P411) so please do not email me these requests. 

A Last Request: Please always be thoughtful and discreet in all of our conversations and communications prior to meeting and when we first meet in public. This way you will always have peace of mind about me and our communications and visa-versa. Please never discuss finance and romance in the same conversation with me, either on the phone, email or in person.  I am afraid that we will not get to meet if you bring these two subjects up together in the same conversation.